Accounting Manager Described Best as a Go-Getter, Genuine

OCTOBER 2022 — What makes Accounting Manager Ali Denzel different? The short answer is it depends on who you ask.

According to Denzel’s direct supervisor Angela Schaefer, Ali leads by example in everything she does and has proven to be an influential team member who supports a new accounting team. These qualities lend well to managing a team of two and overseeing accounting for Watco’s entire rail segment, including Watco’s industrial rail services.

“Ali will find a way to succeed in whatever situation she is placed in and exemplifies all that Watco stands for,” Schaefer said. “That’s why when we needed a strong person to own the accounting of Watco’s industrial rail services, Ali was the first person to come to mind.”

And she balances these responsibilities well. She leads the full accounting and budgeting process and regularly prepares and presents various financial reports and analysis to industrial rail stakeholders.

Her job duties don’t end there. Denzel partners with Watco SVP and Chief Sustainability Officer Laura McNichol and the government affairs team to conduct cost-benefit analyses for federal railroad grant applications. Her work has ultimately helped Watco receive $50 million in Consolidated Rail Infrastructure and Safety Improvements grants since 2019.

McNichol said, “A tremendous amount of work by Ali goes into these cost-benefit analyses. She helps us showcase the project’s value to the taxpayer.”

Denzel does all of this while mentoring a young accounting team.

One member of the team is Operations Accountant Noah Burgess. Since joining Watco earlier this year, he only has rave reviews for Denzel. Burgess said, “What’s most impressive to me is that she juggles so much but always makes time for us. She genuinely wants us to succeed.”

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