An After-Hours Request is No Problem for this Team Member

When a retail customer requested a last-minute delivery after hours over a three-day holiday weekend, team member Kyle Moore stepped up to help.

Moore supports retail services as a transportation coordinator at the logistics operating center in Springdale, Arkansas. He’s one of many team members who help this particular customer move all types of freight to stores. And although this particular request fell outside the typical products he moves for this customer, he still raised his hand to assist.

His supervisor Kyle Futrell said, “This isn’t the first time he’s volunteered to help. Kyle’s always raising his hand. And in this case, he had to learn the requirements of moving imports over the road before setting up delivery.”

Many steps go into coordinating a delivery, from negotiating fair pricing and sourcing drivers to tracking freight. Moore handled it all for this customer, ultimately getting their product delivered to the final destination on time.

“I can count on Kyle to go above and beyond for this customer,” Futrell said. “He turns problems into solutions.”

Moore’s work ethic helped him reach another achievement. In 2023, he coordinated more than 3,200 truckloads for this customer. That’s more than anyone else on his team. Futrell said: “I only have good things to say about Kyle. He leads our team in margins and completes his work with meticulous detail.”

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