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    Liner Terms

    Will dunnage remain on the vessel after discharging?

    1. A list of all visitors to the vessel will be emailed to the terminal before vessel arrival.

    2. All export cargo must be at the terminal prior to vessel arrival.

    3. Berth application must be completely filled out and submitted 5 days prior to vessel arrival.

    4. Vessel agent is required to arrange for dumpsters to be placed at the berthing area to accommodate all dunnage removal from the vessel. No dunnage is permitted to remain on the dock. All dunnage removed from the vessel must be in the dumpsters and the dumpsters must be removed within 24 hours for the vessel departure.

    Has the vessel been cleared by the U.S. Coast Guard?*

    Are there any crew or vessel restrictions?

    Security guard company required for this vessel?

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    Will any charges be incurred by any other party, other than the agent?


    Dock Manager

    Dan Czar

    (832) 347-3346

    Dock Supervisor

    Ken Burns

    (713) 875-6447

    Dock Gate #1

    (713) 455-3488


    (713) 455-1086


    GPIP Gate 5 (TWIC Gate)

    13609 Industrial Rd

    Houston, TX 77015