Watco Supplier Partnerships

We consider suppliers as vital extensions of our company. We depend on you to help us provide the broad array of solutions our customers and our team members expect. And you should depend on us to strive to establish a business relationship that is fair, safe, and brings value to all involved.

General Suppliers

The following is information for providers of railroad and terminal materials and services, including track components, locomotive and car parts, terminal equipment, fuel, tools and maintenance materials, construction management, facilities services, and track maintenance.


Contact us at supplierinquiries@watco.com

Accounts Payable

Contact us at ap@watco.com or (620) 231-2230.

Becoming a Supplier

Watco gives preference to suppliers with quality certifications (M-1003 or ISO-9001 compliant). Service suppliers working on Watco property must provide a certificate of insurance and sign Watco’s Master Services Agreement (MSA). Suppliers performing services on Watco’s tracks may be required to provide additional information regarding safety and federal requirements including adherence to 49 CFR Part 219 Control of Alcohol and Drug Use.

To explore becoming a Watco supplier, please email us at supplierinquiries@watco.com, and we’ll be in touch.

* Note: Watco’s Third Party Safety Policy and other safety rules, other than those prescribed by applicable law, are subject to modification at each individual Watco Facility by the respective Facility Manager in order to adapt to the unique operations and conditions of that Watco Facility.  The Facility Manager will provide the specific rules for that Watco Facility at the safety meeting prior to a Third Party being granted access to and/or Work Authorization for the Watco Facility.

Logistics Suppliers

The following is information for motor carriers, transloaders, or other Logistics transportation service providers.

Submitting Invoices

You can send electronic or hard copies of your invoices and backup documentation.

Watco Supply Chain Services, LLC dba Watco Logistics
Attn: Accounting
PO Box 16920
Jonesboro, AR 72403

Invoice Tracking/Payment Status

Contact us at (870) 336-1704 or scspaystatus@watco.com

Becoming a Supplier

We welcome suppliers of all sizes and equipment types. Please contact us at (870) 277-0661, or email us at suppliers@watco.com, and we’ll be in touch.