Now Hiring: Conductors

When trains come into a Watco rail yard, their cars need to be separated, reassembled into outbound trains with other cars headed in the same direction, and sent on to their new destinations. Watco conductors, the people in charge of those movements, are problem-solvers and multi-taskers. Working in sun or rain, snow or heat, they use fast thinking and physical skills to handle trains on multiple tracks — sometimes hundreds of cars a day.

Watco covers costs to educate new conductors, getting them ready to find safe and creative solutions so rail yards don’t get congested when there are more cars than room. People who are successful as conductors adapt quickly to change. They like a fast pace, making decisions, and contributing their own ideas as part of a team. And they’re passionate about the work because they understand that keeping trains moving and getting cars where they need to go means customers get the right products on time.

  • Control and coordinate train movements, separating cars on incoming trains and reassembling them into new outbound trains
  • Work outside in all weather conditions
  • Prevent railyard congestion with fast thinking and safe problem-solving
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