Freight Claims

Watco’s goal is to provide our customers with safe, efficient and damage free service. Should you have the misfortune of needing to file a claim, please remember you have the option to do so with either the origin or destination in the route the railcar traveled but not both. To view Watco’s tariff regarding rules and regulations surrounding claim submittal, please review this link (Section V Item 600-630).

If you choose to file with Watco, please complete the Freight Claim Form below to report cargo loss and damage. Please be sure to submit all required documentation to minimize claim handling:

  • Your contact information to include email address and phone number
  • Railcar mark and number
  • Documentation from origin showing railcar was inspected and in good order for loading.
  • AAR approved loading diagram
  • Origin photos of railcar to show proper loading and securement must include the entire car.
  • Documentation of seals applied to the railcar, if applicable
  • Temperature records for refrigerated railcars, if applicable
  • Copy of Bill of Lading and weight tickets
  • Invoice for claimed loss at manufacturing cost
  • Documentation of salvage allowed, if applicable
  • Destination photos of damage and location in the railcar must include the entire car.

A claim number will be assigned after the actual claim has been submitted. For questions please email

Watco Freight Claim Form

    Claimant Information

    Shipping Information

    Basis of Claim

    Documents to Support Claim

    Submission of copies of all pertinent documents will expedite disposition of claim. Only .jpg, .png, .pdf, .zip accepted. Besides invoice, bill of lading, and freight bill, attach photos, scale weight, tickets, and loading/unloading tally sheets.

    Destination Inspection Report

    Immediately report any damage to destination carrier within 24 hours.

    General Information

    Barrier Seals

    Loading in proper alignment

    Doorway wet damage

    Condition of dunnage

    Doorway air bags intact and in place

    Interior Bulkhead Doors

    Locked in straight vertical alignment

    Air-Pack floater panel extended to load

    Condition of Load in A-end

    Stacks in alignment, dunnage still in place

    Condition of Load in B-end

    Stacks in alignment, dunnage still in place


    The undersigned hereby certifies that all statements in this claim are correct, that the prices herein do not exceed the destination value of such property on the due date in the quantity shipped and do not include unearned profit or expenses not incurred; further that such prices are those appearing on original invoice, if issued, less all discounts and allowances, whether or not same actually appear thereon.