Watco Optimizes and Executes

When you need a third-party logistics provider, Watco will serve as your advocate in the industry. We give you the best, most cost-effective supply chain solutions across all modes and providers.
We optimize your solution with a comprehensive approach that combines inventory, speed, and critical information needs. Plus, we handle the flow of goods from origin to destination – and everything in between.

  • Domestic transportation
  • International transportation management
  • Warehouse management, including indoor and outdoor storage
  • Supply chain optimization
  • Diverse freight from cartons to heavy-duty industrial components
  • Oversized component and equipment movement


Brokerage Agent Program

Watco Logistics offers an industry-leading agent program that allows entrepreneurial leaders an opportunity to run their own transportation service agency, branded and supported by Watco.

Benefits include:

  • The financial backing of a billion-dollar parent company with established roots in the rail, intermodal, over-the-road and international industry
  • Industry-leading commission splits
  • Marketing and sales support
  • Back-office support including carrier compliance, carrier payment, customer invoicing, and claims management
  • Ground-floor opportunities to develop relationships with large customers typically “already taken” at most competitor agency networks
  • Access to our Industry-leading intermodal supplier network and pricing agreements

If you’re interested in becoming an agent for Watco Logistics, please contact (479) 717-6669 or charles.polach@watco.com.

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