A Knack for Efficiency

APRIL 2024 – Some people just have a knack for efficiency. They seem to see what needs to be done and can contribute new ways to accomplish tasks.

That’s what you get with Joe McIntire, a car repairman in Wisconsin. McIntire is somewhat new to Watco’s repair terminal in Janesville, where the team maintains the railcars and locomotives owned by the Wisconsin & Southern Railroad and its customers. Yet he is making an impact.

“He’s very helpful with whatever tasks are asked or he is a part of,” says fellow car repairman Jordan Goecks. “Regardless of what task Joe is on, if you ask him for help or to do a quick task, he is on it right away. Most of the time, if he’s part of your work group, things seem to go more efficiently.”

Even though McIntire has been at Watco only a few months, he has brought along his skills from a former job. “He brings good insight to the job and made some work more efficient,” said Goecks. In fact, McIntire had an idea for a repair that he passed along to a coworker. McIntire’s idea made the task simpler, and the more experienced coworker adapted McIntire’s suggested method.

Goecks notes that as a new team member, McIntire is dedicated to his training. “He’s very motivated to learn and progress through all of his training. If we have any down time at all between jobs or during breaks, like the end of lunch, Joe is doing his tests for the apprenticeship, asking questions along the way if he needs help. He willingly reads the GCOR and FRA rule books to get a better understanding of what he’s looking for while doing his job.”

And Goecks adds that McIntire is not one to sit around. “He would much rather be involved than doing nothing, even if it’s a small task or repair. I have yet to see him be inefficient.”

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