Watco Difference Makers

Our team members are constantly doing the right thing, whether it’s being a good co-worker or a good neighbor or going the extra mile to provide the best service to our customers. Get to know some of the teammates who are living our values or otherwise making a difference in lives and communities.

KAW Team Member Helps Save Family from Fire

APRIL 2024 – Doug Fleming’s team knows he always steps up to help others. In the early morning hours of January 7, 2024, he proved that to be true.

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A Knack for Efficiency

APRIL 2024 – Some people just have a knack for efficiency. They seem to see what needs to be done and can contribute new ways to accomplish tasks. And that’s what you get with Joe McIntire.

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Team Member Turns a Problem Into a Solution

APRIL 2024 — Team members working in Greens Port’s material handling division know who to turn to should they have questions. It’s Crew Leader Eric Lavergne.

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Right People, Right Place, Right Time

Right People, Right Place, Right Time

January 2023
Rising Star Shines at Greens Port

December 2022
Conductor Takes on the Dirty Work
Railroaders Bring Major Improvements to Worksite
Right People, Right Place, Right Time

November 2022
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October 2022
Attentive Engineer Averts Disaster on the Track
Accounting Manager Described Best as a Go-Getter, Genuine
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September 2022
Conductor’s Work Ethic, ‘Extracurriculars’ Are Exemplary
A Team Member’s Quick Actions Prevent Accident
Team Member Brings a Different Perspective to DREI

August 2022
The Moral of the Story
Track Inspector Gives His Best Every Day

July 2022
Watco Mechanic Is Mr. You Name It
Celebrating the Successes of Ann Arbor’s TSIC

June 2022
Team Member is On Track to Train Others
The Glue that Holds the Team Together
New Team Member Stands Out for Speaking Up
Switch Operators Move Record Number of Railcars

May 2022
Watco Unloader Receives Two Safety Awards
Team Member has a way with Machines and People
There’s No Stopping this Small but Agile New York Team

April 2022
Teammate Takes a Timeout for Safety
Compliments Roll in for Watco

March 2022
A Record-Setting Year for Watco’s Mechanical Services Team
Committee Chair Helps Steer Changes
Nothing Keeps this Engineer from Giving 100 Percent
Teammate Is Known for Lending Help

February 2022
Account Manager Sets Watco Apart

Teammate Takes Initiative as a Mentor
Railway Age Adds Damien Cantrell to its 25 Under 40 List

January 2022
Cancer Can’t Stop this Switch Operator

Pricing Manager Always Seeks Solutions for Watco
Alina Robles Goes the Distance to Help Others
He’s the Dependable, Dedicated, Detailed Johnny D
Team Member Applies Safety Training to Real-Life Emergency

December 2021
Loader’s Keen Eye Halts an Incorrect Shipment

An Indispensable Team Member in Arkansas

November 2021
Quick Response Prevents Costly Losses

Conductor’s Awareness Ensure’s Car’s Stability
For This CSR, It’s All from the Heart
Railway Age Honors Laura McNichol
University Salutes Alumni Michael Gray

October 2021
Denise Phillips Remembered for a ‘Watco Mentality’

Pumper Operator Takes on Extra at Every Turn
Alert Track Laborers Prevent Spread of Fire

August 2021
A Passion for Rail Leads to an Unexpected Career

June 2021
WSOR’s Preston Nelson Named a Rising Star

May 2021
Director of Engineering Is Among RT&S Honorees