A Record Setting Year for Watco's Mechanical Services Team

MARCH 2022 – Nearly half a year passed without a single recordable injury for the Mechanical Services team in 2021. A record for the team, whose injury-free stretch has greatly improved since 2019. 

So, what’s the reason behind this optimal safety performance? For Watco Director of Operations Cameron Lundy, it’s partly due to the dedicated efforts of Safety Manager  Jordan Vasquez. 

“Our Recordable Personal Injury (RPI) ratio is the lowest it’s ever been,” Lundy said. “Jordan’s overall knowledge, and his ability to share that knowledge with facilities, are two reasons why we’ve had far fewer injuries in 2021.” 

As Safety Manager, Vasquez travels to Watco railcar repair terminals and mobile sites to provide safety training to team members — no matter the day. 

Lundy  said, “Jordan is known to travel on a Sunday, just so he can be at a facility first thing Monday morning to do a safety drill.”  

On the off chance a railcar repair terminal or mobile facility has an injury, Vasquez is one of the first team members to respond. His first job is to make sure the team member has been taken care of. Then, he sets out to identify and correct what went wrong in order to avoid future injuries. 

“Jordan’s always the first to volunteer and say, ‘I got this,’” Lundy said. “He never hesitates to jump in and do whatever he can to help team members.” 

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