Car Mechanic Considered Mentor and All-Around Handyman

JULY 2023 — Railcars on the South Kansas & Oklahoma Railroad (SKOL) are in good hands with Car Mechanic Josh Golightley.

Formerly a conductor/engineer for the short line, Golightley’s background as a handyman ultimately prompted him to switch to railcar repair in 2021. Since then, his proactive approach to maintenance has earned him a stellar reputation among his peers.

“Josh finds things that other people don’t see,” SKOL Senior Trainmaster Robert Balzer said. “If something isn’t working exactly the way it’s supposed to, he looks into it. He never lets a car roll unless it’s in perfect condition.”

His work ethic makes him a great mentor to newcomers at the railcar repair shop. Golightley’s supervisor, Railcar Foreman Tyler Burke, said: “His attitude rubs off on others. New team members see his dedicated efforts, and it motivates them to do the same.”

Recently, when the SKOL depot in Winfield, Kansas, needed repairs, Golightley stepped in to help after his shifts and on weekends. Repairs were originally slated for the patio area. But after further inspection, Golightley discovered the depot’s door and entryway tile needed to be replaced, too.

“This project turned out to be a lot more than any of us anticipated,” said Balzer. “But Josh never balked. He went above and beyond to make all of the necessary repairs.”

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