Compliments Roll in for Watco 

April 2022 — Nothing is better than receiving a compliment. But how about receiving back-to-back praises from the same customer?

That’s what happened recently in Freeport, Texas. The hard work from Watco team members was recognized on two different occasions by a polyethylene manufacturing customer.

The first team members recognized are Watco Conductor David Glover, Engineer Tristan Ivy, and Switch Operator Chris Wise, after they stepped up to help after the customer experienced a delay filling a railcar.

With only minutes left on their shift, they could have left the work to the next Watco crew. Instead, they maximized the time left to move the loaded railcar to a nearby rail yard and spot a new one in its place. In the end, these Watco team members had seconds to spare before ending their 12-hour workday.

In a note thanking the Watco team, the customer wrote, “We truly appreciate the crew staying and making that move. We could have run into some difficulty if that move had happened after the shift change.”

Next, the customer commended Watco Conductors Jammes Tidwell and John McAndrew, Engineer Chase Williams, and Switch Operator Ismael Escobedo for making a rush delivery that avoided a plant shutdown.

In this case, the four teammates moved empty railcars to make space for newly arrived, full railcars. After the move, they swiftly unloaded the railcars to provide the plant with the much-needed materials.

Watco Senior Site Leader Ricky Martinez and Texas Director of Operations John Mullins applaud the teams for their dedication to helping the customer.

“Both crews are always positive and upbeat,” Martinez said. “Our team members are always ready to take care of business safely and efficiently.”

Mullins agrees. He said, “This is pretty typical behavior for these guys. They’re always conscientious of their job and always try to do the right thing.”

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