Pricing Director Brings Value to Watco

April 2023 — Watco has a team player in Leah Woods.

Woods currently serves as pricing director and has a bachelor’s and master’s degree in Mathematics. She leads a team of two who work closely to provide Watco sales managers with up-to-date rates on the commodities Watco moves.

She also works behind the scenes to maintain accurate pricing records from industry partners. This responsibility requires an eye for detail and regularly contacting customers to ensure they have the most current information.

In addition to her responsibilities, Woods serves as a Watco representative for the company’s partnership with Railinc, a rail services company for rail data, information technology, and services. In this role, she successfully helped set up a rate electronic data interchange network certification for Watco’s five short line railroads on the Interline Settlement System® that expedites rate notification, billing, and payment among railroads.

“Leah epitomizes to a tee what we are looking for in a Watco team member,” Woods’ supervisor Andy Nielsen said. “She’s extremely humble, hard working, and responsive to her customers. She’s a problem solver and adapts well to change.”

Vice President of Revenue Accounting Kris Hemby credits Woods for going above and beyond to help Watco customers. When an industry partner moves freight for a Watco customer, Woods makes sure it gets to the customer in the most efficient way possible.

Hemby said, “She doesn’t have to do this. But at the end of the day, she’s committed to assisting our customers. Leah owns what she works on from beginning to end.”

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