Watco Rail Services

We own or operate over 8,250 miles of short line track in North America and Australia. Our vast network connects to all Class I railroads. You get the most efficient, cost-effective route for your shipment.

  • Experience with diverse commodities
  • Accessible, responsive, personalized customer service
  • Affordable, customized solutions
  • Compliance with all regulations

Railcar Switching

Using your locomotives or our own, Watco provides switching services at your manufacturing facility. Our experienced teams improve safety, reduce risks, and minimize costs.

  • Reduced cycle times
  • Lower demurrage and other fees
  • Fewer material shortages and production interruptions

Railcar Storage

Let Watco take care of your inactive railcars, so you can stay focused on your active fleet. Safely house empty or loaded railcars across our nationwide network of short line railroads and terminals.

  • Cost-effective, flexible contracts
  • Dedicated managers
  • Full-service maintenance shops


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Railcar Fleet Management

Our proactive management, in-transit tracking, and real-time communication let you know where your cars are every minute of every day. And, our scheduled maintenance programs keep your rolling stock rolling.

  • Time savings
  • Improved supply chain performance
  • Increased fleet efficiency

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