Soto Shows What ‘Value Our Customers’ Looks Like

JULY 2024 – “Value Our Customers” is one of Watco’s three Foundation Principles, and Giovanni Soto reflected this principle in a big way not long ago at a Texas transload terminal.

Watco was scheduled to transfer operations at the Dallas Zacha Terminal back to owner CPKC on March 26. But when CPKC requested one final switch on March 28 for customers in urgent need of railcars, Soto did right by Watco as well as CPKC and its customers. As site supervisor, Soto stayed late on the 28th to fill in for a Watco team member who couldn’t be there, operating the locomotive until almost 9 p.m.

“His commitment to taking care of that customer one last time was much appreciated, and he handled it with absolute class,” said Assistant Vice President of Operations Adam Hanson, who also worked on the night of the 28th. “To the last day, he continued to communicate with customers daily, even though he knew that they would not be his customers for very much longer. Many customers appreciated his service and thanked him for his attention he gave to them up until the end.”

And what if Soto had not stepped up?

“We wouldn’t have been able to service the customer that night if he didn’t do what he did,” said Hanson. “That could’ve impacted our relationship with the property owner and the new operator.

“It’s team members like Gio that we should be proud of, and his efforts may someday be the reason we get to serve those customers in another area of Dallas, or possibly in a completely different market.”

Soto continues to serve customers in Texas. He’s now working as a conductor/engineer at Watco Greens Port in Houston.

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