Team Member Credited for Making the FOXY Better

APRIL 2023 — Ask anyone at the Fox Valley and Lake Superior Rail System (FOXY) who best represents and lives Watco’s values, and the answer is the same: Josh Kramer.

Trainmaster Jeremiah Whitt said, “Josh is a role model to our team. He approaches each day with, ‘how can I make the FOXY better?’”

Go Teamer and Conductor/Engineer Brian Butler agrees and says, “Josh is an all-around wonderful person. Whatever he’s doing, he always has a great attitude. He motivates me to do my best every day.”

When starting operations at the FOXY last year, General Manager Jason Danz handpicked Kramer to join the team as a conductor/engineer. Before that, Kramer spent more than 20 years at the Wisconsin & Southern Railroad.

“Josh is a guy that pushes people to own their responsibilities and take on more duties,” said Danz. “He practices what he preaches. That’s why I wanted him on my team.”

In addition to switching railcars, Kramer’s also certified as a locomotive engineer. In his downtime, he inspects brake shoes on locomotives and replaces them when necessary.

“I’ve never asked Josh or the other conductors to replace brakes,” said Whitt. “This job typically falls to a mechanic. But Josh knows how to do it and just takes care of it.”

When a fellow team member found himself without a car to get to and from work, Kramer was the first to help. Kramer loaned one of his cars for the team member to use until he can find a replacement.

“Josh has a huge heart. We need more people like him,” said Whitt.

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