Teammates Deliver Cost-Efficient, Reliable Shipping Solutions

July 2022 — When it comes to ensuring Watco locations across North America receive all the goods they need from suppliers, Team Lead Charlie Sizer and Transportation Assistant Leslie Griggs deliver.

Previously outsourcing these duties to a third-party vendor, Watco assumed freight shipments in 2020. To start, this team consisted of Sizer and Logistics Branch Manager Patrick Reding.

Initially intending to field 10 to 15 requests a day, this number quickly grew thanks to Sizer’s efforts, according to Reding.

“Our primary goal is to provide great customer service to our Watco teammates,” Reding said. “Charlie has surpassed my expectations in doing just this while also identifying new, reliable solutions to move freight.”

In 2021, the team expanded to include Griggs. With no previous experience in the trucking industry, she quickly learned the business. Sizer and Griggs now manage 50 to 100 shipments a day for Watco locations.

Despite rising fuel costs and more freight requests, the team have found affordable shipping options. Together, they’ve saved $1 million in freight costs since this team formed in 2019.

Watco’s Austin Western Railroad (AWRR) is just one location that leans on this team to manage incoming and outgoing freight. AWRR Locomotive Mechanic Jerome Hunter credits Sizer and Griggs for making his job easier.

Hunter said, “When it comes to deliveries or shipments, Charlie and Leslie help me dot the i’s and cross the t’s. They are always there to help me when I need it.”

Reding couldn’t be more proud of his team’s accomplishments. He said, “It’s not easy managing freight. But team members can trust Charlie and Leslie to get the job done.”

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