The Glue that Holds the Team Together

June 2022 — Who’s the glue that holds everything together at the Watco Logistics office in Denver, Colorado? It’s Jamie Babetch, according to Branch Manager Michael Mercurio and Account Manager Jennifer Czechan.

After joining the Watco team in 2020 as a transportation coordinator, Babetch now serves as an account manager. Regardless of her title, she’s no stranger to helping out and tackling all sorts of challenges head-on.

Take these examples. After two teammates left Watco shortly after she started, she volunteered to take on extra duties. When COVID-19 disrupted the supply chain, she worked around the clock to keep customers’ freight moving. Babetch routinely steps up when teammates take time off, even resuming Czechan’s duties while out on maternity leave.

Czechan said, “She makes our team better. No matter the time of day, she’s always there to help. She’s the definition of a go-getter.”

In addition to handling operations, Babetch helps onboard and mentor new hires. Besides being the go-to person for questions, she trains team members on Watco’s transportation management software.

“Jamie is a walking book of knowledge,” Czechan said. “She approaches any task with a positive mindset. That rubs off on the rest of us.”

Mercurio agrees. He said, “She’s a detail-oriented person. She never misses a beat and juggles her responsibilities effortlessly. Jamie truly is the glue that holds this place together.”

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