Port of Pine Bluff

This transload terminal handles a high volume of coal, with capacity up to 8 million tons. Watco is a joint-venture partner of SCH Services, LLC, which owns and operates Cora Marine Terminal.


Warehousing/Material Handling

  • Unload unit trains, using rotary or bottom discharge hopper railcars
  • Rapid barge loadout
  • Unload or load trucks
  • 1.5 million tons of outdoor storage capacity
  • Long- and short-term storage options available
  • 400 acres of land, including 70 acres developed for storage use


Warehouse Features

  • Rotary unit train dumper system (bottom-discharge capable)
  • Stacker/Reclaimer
  • Conveyor system capable of 3,000+ tons per hour
  • Two harbor boats and barge fleeting
  • Certified belt scale
  • Certified truck scale
  • Double-loop track
  • Capable of handling four, 150-car unit trains (two full, two empty)
  • 600 total railcar spots



This terminal specializes in coal but has the potential to handle commodities including:

  • Liquid fertilizers
  • Fuels
  • Grain


We’re equipped to move any commodity anywhere thanks to our comprehensive network of transportation experts. Contact sales@watco.com to learn more.



  • Rail: UP
  • River: Mississippi River¬†(UMR 99.7)
  • Road: Illinois Highway 3


Terminal Access, Hours, and Information

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  • Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 3 p.m.
  • Required personal protective equipment: hard hat, steel-toe or composite boots, safety glasses, and high-visibility vest

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262 Cora Rd

Rockwood, IL 62280-1402

(618) 763-4798

Terminal Manager

Robert (Shawn) Moreland

(618) 534-0122


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