Port 10/Watco Rail Terminal

The Port 10/Watco Rail Terminal is centrally located in Baytown, Texas, in the heart of the petrochemical complex. This newly constructed state-of-the-art terminal comprises 410 railcar spots adjacent to the Coady Yard and is served by the Union Pacific. The logistics center features multi-model capabilities for truck and rail, with Class I rail-served warehouse availability. Port 10/Watco Rail Terminal has room to expand to more than  2,000 railcar spots.

    • Commodities

Specializing in liquid and bulk commodities including:

  • Plastics
  • Bulk aggregates
  • Liquids



We’re equipped to move any commodity anywhere thanks to our comprehensive network of transportation experts. Contact sales@watco.com to learn more.

  • Connectivity
  • UP
  • Convenient access to Interstate 10
  • Capacity
  • 410 railcar spots
  • Warehousing/Material Handling
  • Transload capabilities – rail, truck, storage
  • Other Features
  • Switching
  • Railcar storage
  • Railcar cleaning
  • Port Access, Hours, and Information
  • Location is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week
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    Required personal protective equipment: hard hat, steel-toe boots, safety glasses, and high-visibility vest
    Weight limits on some roads near the terminal



Interstate 10 Service Rd

Baytown, TX 77521

Terminal Manager

Damien Cantrell



Sales Manager

Jeff Linville

(620) 687-0394