Greens Port Industrial Terminals

  • Primary Commodities

Watco moves any commodity. At this site on the Houston Ship Channel, we handle ocean vessels, barges, trains, and trucks carrying a diverse variety of freight including dimensional shipments such as wind turbine components, vessels, and machinery; plastics; liquids such as chemicals, petrochemicals, and petroleum products or crude oil, refined products, and ethanol; building materials; bulk solids; and steel in all forms.

Key Features

  • Access
  • Rail: BNSF, KCS, UP via PTRA
  • Road: I-10, I-610, I-45, Beltway 8. Two secured truck entrances.
  • Capacity
  • Deep-water Berths: 5 (3,200 linear feet)
  • Capable of Handling Panamax Class Vessels
  • Barge Berths: 5
  • Railcar Spots: 1,600
  • Rail Infrastructure: 31 miles, 4 rail yards
  • Liquid Racks: 3 (pipeline connectivity to tank storage/terminals)
  • Material Handling and Storage
  • 3.1 million sq. ft. warehouse
  • 130 acres outdoor laydown space
  • 50,000 sq. ft. covered free trade zone space
  • 94 acres uncovered free trade zone space
  • Railcar storage
  • 24-hour unit train unload and unloading
  • 48-hour barge unit tow load/unload
  • Liquids transloading (includes direct to truck)
  • Manifest railcar loading and unloading
  • ISO tank loading and unloading
  • Truck loading and unloading
  • In-plant railcar and truck loading and unloading
  • Measurement services
  • Tank gauges and loss control
  • Meter proving
  • Water injection testing (API chapter 8.2 and 8.3 certifications)
  • Mobile Railcar Repair
  • M1002/M1003 certified mobile repair unit

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Customer Service

(866) 889-2826


1755 Federal Rd

Houston, TX 77015

(713) 673-6921

Mailing Address

14035 Industrial Rd, Second Floor

Houston, TX 77015

Terminal Managers

Kersy Johnson


Ben Kraus


Cameron Wiles

GPIP / IT Dock (import / export)

Damien Cantrell


Jared Rahmn



Skip Hastings

Steel Commodities

(281) 380-3058

John Watson

Bulk and Supersacks, Liquid Transloading, and Terminals

(865) 310-9681

Calvin Young

Shipping Line

(281) 638-1933

Scott Butler

Project Cargo

(713) 817-9370

Jeffrey Linville

Liquid Transloading, Rail, and Railcar Storage

(620) 687-0394